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The term “Family Law” are our identity, and we always keep them up to the mark. We know how to resolve serious family issues with the best approach at times of great need. Our family lawyers and skilled mediation team, know that many aspects of family law creates anxiety and fear about the complete procedure.

We have helped many of our clients in issues pertaining to domestic violence, and use this experience in solving the issues of all of our clients. We represent and counsel clients in family law matters including divorce, separation, pre-marital agreements, paternity claims, custody, spousal and child support. Our lawyers work step by step with our clients and support them in resolving all of their family law issues.

Our passion has resulted in succeeding in most of the cases we take, and that’s the major reason which our clients prefer selecting Pattaya Lawyers to represent them. Our main focus is always to resolve disputes respectfully, with a view to maintaining long term relationships within the family and community.

Family law is a serious field of practice as the legal matters dealt with pursuant to family law could be said to “hit home”. Therefore, it stands to reason that those seeking legal assistance in such affairs should conduct extensive research and find the best possible advice and representation for such matters. We at Integrity Legal are confident that our team can provide the best possible legal service in the area of family law at the most reasonable cost.

Marriage Registration

registering marriage in Thailand

Prenuptial Agreement

Drafting Prenup in Thailand

Thailand Divorce

Getting divorced in Thailand

Child Adoption in Thailand

2 Types Of Available Adoption In Thailand

  1. Thailand Domestic Adoption : This type of adoption is only available for adoptive parent(s) who has domicile inside Thailand.
  2. Thailand Inter-Country Adoption : This type of adoption is exclusively for foreigners who wish to adopt a Thai child and intent to bring and raise the child outside Thailand.

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