Generally, the lawsuit in Thailand is not much different from the other countries except that the Thai court seems to be strict with the court’s procedure. Therefore, the preparation of the case for both suing and defending must not focus only on the laws but also the procedure as well such as the procedure concerning the temporary protection order from the court before the making the judgment.

Business and commercial transaction

BANGKOK LAW FIRM : We offer to you our finest and complete services concerning business and commercial transaction including advisory and consulting services, government contact and application, company set up and registration, changing director, increasing and decreasing company capital, adding company objectives, changing company address, BOI application, any concerning license application and more.

Real estate transaction

We offer to you our finest and complete services concerning real estate transaction including sale and purchase, lease, usufruct agreement, prenuptial estate and property planning or real estate development and investment such as land allocation for trading and setting up a juristic person of housing development. To manage each of these things requires knowledge of different special laws including local laws and regulations and environment protection laws. Even the court procedure is special when it comes to the dispute concerning real estate. We have a real estate law expert team ready to provide you a service and consultation.

Accounting and taxation

First of all, tax planning is not avoiding it. Tax planning is acceptable and legal. It is about how you should manage your business, how the words in your business contract affect your taxation, how the creating of company group and network will affect your taxation payment and also how to solve the dispute between you and the government concerning your taxation. We have a high-experienced team of accountants and tax lawyer ready to ease you your taxation burdens.

Immigration and work permit

Immigration law is one of the most important laws for the foreigner. If you ever wonder what is the pros and cons of each type of Visa? What Visa can be used for the application of Work Permit? How is the type of Visa affect your taxation payment? What is needed to do when there is a problem with your passport? We can give you the answer of these questions and solve you all concerning problems.

Property search and local services

Bangkok property search and local services As a local law office in Bangkok , we are certain we can bring you into and get you through the game without disadvantaged by the rules and the opponent. We won’t just finish the deal and left you but we will always get your back.

Auction advisory

Purchasing a house from the auction in Thailand is one of a good choice whether for residency or investment. The purchasing of the house from the auction is protected by Section 1330 of Civil and Commercial Code which states “The right of a person, who has in good faith purchased property at a sale by public auction under an order of the court or of the Official Receiver in bankruptcy, is not affected even if it is subsequently proved that the property did not belong to the defendant, judgment debtor or bankrupt”.

Notarial services

Notary, certifying and legalizing of documents are necessary for the foreigners living in Thailand to verify that such document is real and legal. However, it does not certify the true of the content of such document. In Thailand, there is no specific agency to take care of Notary, certifying and legalizing of documents. That’s when we come in. As a group of attorneys licensed by the Lawyer Council of Thailand as notarial services attorney, we offer to you notary services as one of a few notary law office in Hua Hin.


We offer to you our quality document translation services for Thai, English and German language. Especially for German language, we have a native German translator who graduated from both Thailand and Germany so you can rest assured that our translation will be correct and reliable.

Last will and testament

Last will and testament in Thailand can be legally made in many forms but the popular ones are an ordinary form made before 2 witnesses and an official form made before the officer. Those 2 forms of will and testament can prevent you from future complications. There are some points that needed to consider in making last will and testament such as 1) what to be inherited to heirs, 2) the words in last will and testament must be clear and without any condition, 3) the eligibility of the heirs, etc. Certainly, the last will and testament made against the law will be automatically void and unenforceable.

Investigation services

This is another service from us which is very important for both nowadays business and living. The ancient Chinese proverb says “Know your enemy and know yourself, find naught in fear for 100 battles. Know yourself but not your enemy, find level of loss and victory. Know thy enemy but not yourself, wallow in defeat every time.” If you want to know your enemy, we can provide you with a variety of investigation such as checking and verifying of business information, criminal records, business management history, financial status, personal interests, ownership of the estates, marital status and also collecting the evidences for the court case and more. We have local detectives in Hua Hin ready for you.